E30 series BMW 3

since 1983-1994 of release

Repair and car operation

+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engine
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Heating and ventilation
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. Exhaust system
+ 8. Transmissions
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Running gear
+ 12. Body
+ 13. Electric equipment
- 14. Good advice
   14.2. Changed numbers
   14.3. Purchase of the old car or mysterious set of figures and letters
   14.4. Durability of the car
   14.5. About parallelism of bridges of the car and the trailer
   14.6. Preparation of the car for winter
   14.7. Rule 35
   14.8. Choice of the second-hand car
   14.9. Engine oils
   14.10. That it is necessary to know, changing oil
   14.11. Emergence in deposit oil
   14.12 whether. It is possible to mix import oils?
   14.13. "Eats" much, but silently goes
   14.14. It is rather live, than it is dead …
   14.15. It is not got - good advice
   14.16. Visit to car-care center
   14.17. A gear belt for a drive of the mechanism of a gazoraspredeleniye
   14.18. Wear of pistons
   14.19. Valves
   14.20. Bearings of engines
   14.21. Engine pollution
   14.22. As the conditioner works and what to do, if it failed
   14.23. Conditioner: not only "pluses", but also "minuses"
   14.24. Rules of service of the conditioner
   14.25. It is not necessary to stir antifreeze with antifreeze …
   14.26. That it is necessary to know upon purchase of the air filter
   14.27. Engine overheat
   14.28. That it is necessary to know to the owner of the car with the injector engine
   14.29. Accumulator
   14.30. Possible malfunctions of the storage battery
   14.31. What to do with the failed generator
   14.32. The belt is guilty, and we blame the generator
   14.33. Catalyst
   14.34. Rub in one - or how to save the catalyst
   14.35. Probuksovochka
   14.36. Features of operation of brake system
   14.37. Malfunctions of brake system
   14.38. Brake liquids
   14.39. ABS: natural choice
   14.40. Rims
   14.41. We update rims
   14.42. Scheme of marking of a car tire
   14.43. Metal corrosion
   14.44. Automake-up
   14.45. What creaks?
   14.46. Hatch
   14.47. Safety cushion: troubles or pleasures?
   14.48. We fit well?
   14.49. Anticreeping "immunodeficiency"
   14.50. Why headlights grow dull
   14.51. "Galogenki"
   14.52. About the correct adjustment of headlights
   14.53. Electric motor
   14.54. From change of places "composed" changes nothing?


14.48. We fit well?


We always aspire to equip the workplace. That there was all near at hand, good lighting and that is important, a convenient chair. And if a workplace – the car and in it it is necessary to carry out the most part of time? As the problem in this case is solved: whether it is convenient to us to sit in our cars and what should be our chair?

So, question first: correctness of landing is how important?

On early models of domestic cars established the seats which absolutely are not considering that factor that the person belongs to the class of vertebrata. Meanwhile the automobile chair is, in fact, a workplace: each driver, even the nonprofessional, carries out in it the tenth part of the life. The backbone tests the biggest loadings in situation sitting. On lumbar department the weight literally all body (even as it will not seem strange, those parts that is lower than a belt) thus falls. Not casually, for example, after injuries of a backbone to the patient allow to stand, lie, but forbid to sit.

The backbone has a number of physiological bends: cervical deflection forward (cervical лордоз), chest горбик back (chest кифоз), lumbar лордоз and kresttsovy кифоз. Sideways the backbone reminds a Latin letter S or, even, more precisely, a dollar sign – $. The vertical line here shows a weight vector, and on crossing of this vector there are the critical knots bearing the maximum loading.

As the backbone has physiological bends, the seat should these bends "indulge". The chair back at level of shovels should be as though ruined. The lumbar department, on the contrary, needs to be propped up a small pillow. It is desirable, if it also surround a trunk, providing support it to lateral surfaces and interfering with moving to time of bends.

Question second: how to check correctness of landing?

When you sit down in a chair, each part of your body should lay down as though in a case. The head (or a neck) – on the cervical roller, a back – in back deepening, a waist – on a lumbar pillow; hips thus do not slip forward. The weight of a body should not fall on any one its part. It is natural, when the car will get under way from a place, you will not remain in this pose, and slightly will move forward. But on the route when it is not necessary to twirl by the head, it is possible to dare to lean back in a chair and, holding a wheel a few to have a rest.

Question third: what should be an automobile chair?

The good automobile chair should have an adjustable lumbar pillow, adjustable curvature of a back and, of course, a head restraint under a neck. The last serves for prevention of a hlystovy trauma (at blow in the car behind) and for maintenance cervical лордоза; even if the head restraint is not present by the car – it is necessary to buy and put it. Pay attention to lateral rollers on a back and a pillow, providing a lateral emphasis, and also the forward roller interfering "slipping" of the driver.

Separately I want to tell about a seat pillow on which we sit. It surely should be rigid. German cars are famous for it: it seems, the chair under you as wooden, and is conveniently to sit. There is even an expression – "in German a rigid seat". The American cars, on the contrary, are equipped with excessively soft pillows of chairs; besides, often forward seats in them are executed in the form of one "bench" that does not give a sufficient support to the case. Sometimes that part of a pillow that is under hips, has adjustment on height, and that that is closer to knees, – on length. At "adjustment under itself" on all these adjustments should be guided, of course, by criterion of convenience. In the good car, besides chair adjustment, there is an adjustment of a steering wheel. People after all all of different growth: the high will make a seat lower (not to fight the head about a ceiling), and the person of small growth or the woman – is higher. And if the seat can be lifted-lowered, and the wheel too should be regulated up-down.

Some councils to the driver who is tired on the workplace

Any driver, especially at a wheel of the "tryasuchy" car, should not less than time at two o'clock to have a rest – to stop, leave the car, to do some exercises. Well also to hang for a while on a roadside tree on hands, or – if the car cargo – on a body side. It is useful to wear special "an industrial belt" – a peculiar semi-corset from a dense synthetic material with strengthening inserts in a waist. Such belt unloads a back and insures against superfluous load of vertebras. Well and the main thing – watch landing. Even if you got used to sit in a different way, try to put nevertheless under a waist a pillow – and to you it becomes obligatory more convenient.